Registration and Notification of a Childminding Service

Statutory Notification

Under the Child Care Act 1991, a person minding more than three pre-school children from different families is obliged to notify the Tusla Pre-school Inspection Service of her/his childminding service, with the exception of those who mind multiple birth children or siblings. A ‘pre-school child’ is a child who is under six years of age and who is not attending a national school or a school providing education similar to a national school.

What is the purpose of Notification?

Statutory Notification is intended to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of pre-school children, to promote the development of pre-school children, and to ensure compliance with the Regulations made under Part VII of the Childcare Act. The Pre-school Inspector inspects the Childminding service and may make several visits to help the Childminder reach regulatory standards.

How do I notify in Dublin City?

To make a Statutory Notification in Dublin City, please call your local Tusla office and ask to speak to a local pre-school inspector. Then ask for the Notification Form to be sent to you, along with the Explanatory Guide to Notification and Inspection. The annual notification fee is currently €40.

Voluntary Notification

Where a Childminder is minding 3 or less children or is legally exempt from notifying the Tusla (see above), a Childminder may choose to voluntarily notify that she/he is providing a childminding service and can do so by contacting the Dublin City Childcare Committee.

Voluntary Notification is a three step process:

Once the visit is made and all paperwork is in order, the childminder will be issued a Voluntary Notification Certificate as well as added to the DCCC data base. The Quality Support Officer will be available throughout the Self-Evaluation process to help advice and guide the Childminder.

Voluntary notified Childminders are operating to the high national standards, receive advice and support from the Quality Support Officer as well as information on trainings, seminars, conferences, networking, and other opportunities organized by the Dublin City Childcare Committee. Also, they avail of financial supports such as €15,000 Childminder Tax Exemption (see Section Tax Relief Scheme) and Childminding Development Grant.

In order to remain on the DCCC data base, you need to renew your Voluntary Notification annually.

If you are a childminder and are unsure as to whether you are obliged to notify or not, please contact your local City/County Childcare Committee, the Tusla or Childminding Ireland for advice.     

Garda Vetting

Under the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 all staff, students, and volunteers who have access to children should be Garda Vetted.

How can I get Garda vetting as a childminder?

Garda Vetting is best practice for all childminders. However it is a legal requirement for a Statutory Notified Childminder. Those not required to do so can voluntarily opt to be Garda vetted.

Contact Barnardos Vetting Service in Cork and ask for the Childminders Info Pack.

Phone: 021 431 0591


Fill out the form and return it to Barnardos. You should include all adult family members and your emergency contacts.

It may take up to 8 to 10 weeks to receive the results of your vetting.