Programme Readiness Tasks- ECCE, NCS, CCSP and TEC

We would like to remind you that the Programme Readiness Tasks for programme year 2021-2022 are now available to complete on the HIVE and the PIP portal.

Before activating your ECCE or NCS agreement, you will need to review your service provider form on the HIVE.

There are 2 new questions:

Are you an ECCE only Service?

Does the service offer school age childcare?


You will need to complete the following tasks before activating your ECCE contract:

  • ECCE pre-contracting tasks

Please note: if you have not run ECCE before or have changed your DCEDIY number, you need to complete Form 1 and submit the qualifications of the ECCE staff to DCCC for approval.

If you have previously run ECCE, you need to complete form 2 and attach it under pre-contracting on the HIVE. You can find both here.

  • Adding an ECCE service calendar

Please note: 38 week Services run over 45 weeks and must submit their calendar with an end date on 01/07/2022, you can access the full rules for ECCE calendars 2022 here.

  • Adding an ECCE fees list

Please make sure to review the allowable and disallowable optional extras as outlined in the ECCE rules Appendix 1, pg.28. You can find them here.

The deadline for completing your fees list and service calendar for ECCE is 6th of August, if you plan to open on 23rd August.

Please note: the process for the checking of ECCE fees lists for the 2021/2022 programme year will remain the same as the 2020/2021 programme year. Once your service has completed the ECCE Fees List, a copy should to be sent to DCCC for verification.  This can be sent by email, screenshot or any other electronic means.  DCCC will then review the Fees List and liaise with your Service to support and advise if amendments are required.


You will need to complete the following tasks before activating your NCS contract:

  • Adding an NCS service calendar

You can find guidance on completing this task here.

Please note: you are no longer permitted to add closure periods when creating your NCS calendar, you will need to add each closure day separately.

  • Adding an NCS fees list (if the fees of the setting are changing for 2021-2022 programme year)

You can find guidance on completing this task here.

Once your ECCE and/or NCS pre-contracting tasks are completed, you can activate the funding agreement. It is available under the Programmes tab under Available Programmes.

Please note the deadline to complete the 6th August.

CCSP Saver Programme

The CCSP programme is administered on the PIP portal and the following pre-contracting tasks need to be completed there.

  • Complete PAU and Service/ Organisation Certification 2021-2022, you can find guidance here.
  • Add Fees list and Service Calendar for 2021-2022, you can find guidance here.

The CCSP Saver Programme funding agreement can be accepted before the service calendar and fees list are created, however both tasks must be completed before any children can be registered.

The deadline for completing your fees list and service calendar for CCSP Saver Programme is 30th July, if you intend on opening on the first day of the programme year (i.e. 16th August).

TEC Saver Programme

The TEC Saver programme will merge with the CCSP Saver Programme, which is administered on PIP.

The remaining eligible children will be registered as CCSP (TEC Final Year) Savers under the 2021/2022 CCSP Saver Programme.

The eligibility criteria for these identified participants are the initial letters of eligibility (which were issued prior to the closure of TEC on the 14th Feb. 2020) and are post-dated beyond 13th August 2021.

If you have any queries related to completing your Programme readiness task, please feel free to get in touch with us at 01 873 3696.

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