Parent & Toddler Group Grants 2022

Parent and Toddler Groups are invited to make an application for funding under this initiative through their local Childcare Committee towards the costs of:

– toys, equipment and books for indoor and outdoor activities, children’s refreshments

– storage for equipment

– training for parents (eg. paediatric first aid, committee skills, parenting courses, facilitated sessions)

– children’s activities (eg. arts and crafts, music)

– limited funding will be available towards insurance, rent or minor refurbishment

This year, 2 new funding streams are being introduced under Parent and Toddler Group Grants initiative:

– funding of up to €400 is available to establish and operate Buggy Walking Groups. These Buggy Walking Groups are organised social walks for parents/guardians and young children. The grant of up to €400 is open to any existing or new organisations or groups who wish to offer a minimum of six organised walks within their community

– funding of up to €400 is available for new or existing Parent and Toddler Groups to provide an additional session

Press release: – Minister O’Gorman announces €325,000 under the Parent and Toddler Group Grants Initiative 2022 (

More information about Parent & Toddler Groups: Parent and Toddler Groups – Dublin City Childcare Committee (

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