Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Programmes


The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) replaces the previous targeted childcare programmes and therefore the TEC programme closed to new registrations on February 14th 2020. Children whose parents were registered on TEC up to that date, and opted to retain their registration under TEC, are referred to as 'TEC Savers' and the programme is now known as the TEC Saver Programme. The TEC Saver Programme will continue for an interim period or until the parent is no longer eligible. No new registrations for new children can be made under the TEC Saver programme. The TEC Saver Programme will cease operating once all participants registered before February 14th 2020 have completed their allocated time on their TEC scheme. 


The TEC Saver Programme is an overarching childcare programme funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth and is specifically designed to support parents/guardians on eligible Education and Training Board training courses, as well as certain categories of parents/guardians returning to work, by providing subsidized childcare places. 

The TEC Saver Programme provides childcare supports for:

  • parents/guardians on certain education and training courses (CETS Savers)
  • parents/guardians working on Community Employment programmes (CEC Savers) and
  • also for families on Family Income Support (ASCC Savers)

For children registered on or before February 14th 2020. 

The TEC Saver programme will cease operating once all participants registered on or before the 14th February 2020 have completed their allotted time on the TEC Saver Programme. 


There are 3 strands of the TEC Saver Programme: 

Childcare Education and Training Support Saver programme (CETS Savers)

Community Employment Childcare Savers programme (CEC Savers)

After-School Child Care programme Savers (ASCC Savers)


Please note: no new registrations for new childcare can be made under any of the TEC Saver Programmes.

For information on the various National Childcare Schemes visit the NCS Website. 


Further information on the TEC Saver Programme is available below: 

For further information on the TEC Saver Programme see the Rules for Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Saver Programme 2020-2021

This document is also available in Irish Rules for Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Saver Programme 2020-2021 (Irish Version)


If you have additional queries related to the TEC Saver funding programmes, please contact Dublin City Childcare Committee for advice on 01 8733696 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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