New Process for 2016/2017 Funding Programme Contracts



New Process for 2016/2017 Funding Programme Contracts



Contracts for childcare providers who are currently offering one or more of the childcare funding programmes (TEC, CCS and / or ECCE) will soon be processed. This year the process will differ slightly in that all contracts will be processed through the PIP portal.


As with previous years, the correct person must sign the contracts, i.e. the person who is legally allowed sign contracts with the DCYA. For private childcare providers, this is the company director or the owner/sole trader of the childcare service. For community based childcare providers, this is a member of the board of directors.  This person will be known as the Primary Authorised User on PIP.


What should I do next?


All providers must check that the correct person signing the contracts are set up as a ‘user’ on PIP. (i.e.  have a password to manage PIP child registrations, receives emails from PIP etc.)


  • ·         If this person is recorded a ‘PIP USER’, you do not need to anything at this stage.  You can read the process for contracting that will take place this year by visiting the PIP homepage and reading the ‘announcements’ section.



  • ·         If the person is not recorded as a ‘PIP USER’, they will need to complete thePIP User Mandate Form and submit it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . An email address will be required when completing the PIP user mandate form; it is important that this email address is different to that of the other PIP users and that it is checked regularly. Setting up a new user on pip will not replace any of the existing users on PIP.



All childcare providers will also have the option to join any of the childcare funding programmes (CCS, CCSP, ECCE and TEC) at a later stage in the year, when they are signing contracts. For more information on the funding programmes, please visit



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