Welcome to Dublin City Childcare Committee

Welcome to the Dublin City Childcare Committee.

Dublin City Childcare Committee is one of 30 City and County Childcare Committees operating nationally. We are the first point of contact for anyone seeking advice, information or support in relation to early childhood care and education within Dublin City. Our focus is to develop, support and enhance early childhood services. In DCCC we have a dedicated staff team based in our Arran Quay offices who have strong knowledge and a wide range of experience and skills related to the early years’ sector.


What we do:

·          For Services Providers: One of our main objectives is to work proactively and in partnership with the sector to encourage best practice, quality, sustainable and effective early years services for children. We offer a wide variety of services to early years’ providers, practitioners and afterschools. This includes advice on setting up a childcare business, sustainability, advice and support on applying for Childcare Funding programmes and quality supports etc. We are available to provide support, guidance and information to new as well as existing services.


We also work with home based Childminders, providing information and advice on setting up a childminding service and supporting them to become voluntary notified.

·         For Parents: Another key objectives is to work with parents and families to provide support and advice in sourcing the best possible early years’ solution to meet their family’s needs and circumstances. DCCC welcome calls from parents or members of the public who are looking for childcare or have queries related to early years’ care, our team are more than happy to provide information, advice or support.

·         For Parent/Toddler Groups: We are available to support Parent & Toddler groups by providing information and guidance in relation to set up and general support throughout the lifespan of the group. DCCC also provide administrative support in relation to Parent & Toddler Grant applications.

·          Training and Development: We provide a range of professional training for early years’ practitioners, providers and childminders to respond to the ever changing and evolving sector. We also offer seminars and workshops for parents. To view our upcoming training and events visit our website www.childcareonline.ie or our profile: Dublin City Childcare Committee on Eventbrite.ie. 


If you have any queries related to early childhood care and education within Dublin City please contact our team, we would love to hear from you!