Voluntary Notification

Voluntary Notification


Where a Childminder is minding 3 or less children or is legally exempt from notifying the HSE (see above), a Childminder may choose to voluntarily notify that she/he is providing a childminding service and can do so by contacting the Dublin City Childcare Committee.

Voluntary Notification is a three step process:

  1. step 1 includes filling in Voluntary Notification Declaration form. 
  2. step 2 is completing accompanying paperwork. 
  3. step 3 is an advisrory home visit from the CHildminding Development Officer.

Once the visit is made and all paperwork is in order, the childminder will be issued a Voluntary Notification Certificate as well as added to the DCCC data base. The Childminding Development Officer will be available throughout the Self-Evaluation process to help advice and guide the Childminder.

Voluntary notified Childminders are operating to the high national standards, receive advice and support from the Childminding Development officer as well as information on trainings, seminars, conferences, networking, and other opportunities organized by the Dublin City Childcare Committee. Also, they avail of financial supports such as €15,000 Childminder Tax Exemption (see Section Tax Relief Scheme) and Childminding Development Grant.

In order to remain on the DCCC data base, you need to renew your Voluntary Notification annually.

If you are a childminder and are unsure as to whether you are obliged to notify or not, please contact your local City/County Childcare Committee, the HSE or Childminding Ireland for an advice.

  1. Voluntary Notification Support Pack
  2. Voluntary Notification Declaration Form
  3. Voluntary Notification Checklist
  4. Voluntary Notification Renewal                 




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