Pobal Compliance Visit

Each service approved for the Early Childhood Care and Education scheme (ECCE) and Childcare Education Training Programme is subject to an on-site compliance visit by Pobal to ensure that the conditions of the programme are being complied with as detailed in the grant funding agreement.


The purpose of the compliance visit is to:

  1. Confirm the existence and operation of your pre-school service
  2. Verify that the actual number of Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) approved ECCE childcare places in your service correspond with the number of children enrolled and attending on the day of the visit. The list of approved ECCE child places issued by the DCYA will be used to verify places.
  3. Verify that the ECCE Fees Policy approved by Dublin City Childcare Committee (DCCC) is being implemented.
  4. Verify that parents are in receipt of the appropriate capitation.
  5. Verify that there are records available for the amounts paid by parents in relation to optional extras/extra time and voluntary donations.
  6. Verify qualifications of staff working directly with ECCE children in your service.


During the on-site visit, Pobal will require access to all of the following information/documents maintained by your service:

  1. Attendance records for the current year’s enrolment commencing from September 2012.
  2. A copy of the ECCE 2016 Fees Policy approved by Dublin City Childcare Committee. If you did not keep a copy of this, you may request a copy from DCCC.
  3. Fee income records e.g. a fees record book/receipts book for the current year’s enrolment.
  4. Parent’s handbook or letter(s) used by the service to advise parents of fees and optional extra charges that parents can avail of.
  5. Some additional information that will be verified during your compliance visit includes: engagement with Síolta & Aistear, details of your facility i.e. the type of service (sessional, part-time, full-time), occupancy levels, opening hours, numbers of staff etc. and publicity requirements for services approved funding under the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme 2000 – 2006 (EOCP) (Pobal, 2011)


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Pobal Compliance Visit Information

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