HSE Update: Covid-19 Testing & Face Coverings

The HSE has written to all providers with an update on close contact testing, the use of face-coverings and face-masks and non-HSE Covid-19 testing, from 9th February 2021.

Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 should self-isolate and contact their GP who will arrange testing through the HSE, free of charge. Nobody with symptoms of Covid-19 should be working.
Undertaking a private antigen test and obtaining a negative result is not sufficient to allow a symptomatic staff member to work. 

Close contact testing recommendations have changed from day 5 testing to both a day 0 as well as a day 10 test. If close contacts remain with no symptoms and have a ‘not detected’ test result from the day 10 test, they can finish their restricted movements. If testing is not undertaken, the 14 day restricted movements continue to apply.

Face coverings must be worn by staff in ELC/SAC services at all times when not caring directly for children.

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