HSE Public Health Update: Changes to the Management of Covid-19 Cases & Contacts in Children

DCEDIY has written to providers about the changes to Covid-19 testing and contact tracing for children.

Dear Provider,

We are writing to you today regarding the attached update and FAQ documents from the HSE for Early Learning and Care (ELC) and School Age Childcare (SAC) managers and school principals on the changes to Covid-19 testing and contact tracing for children, 3 months to under 13 years (and inclusive of all children attending primary school).

Over a short transition period the HSE public health dedicated helpline for ELC/SAC services – 01-5119777 will remain open if you have a confirmed case of Covid-19.

The National Covid-19 out of hours helpline – 1800 940341 will also remain available from 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have any general queries please contact your local City and County Childcare Committee (www.myccc.ie) for support. 

Kind regards,

Early Years Communications Team

Early Years Division

You can read the update and FAQ documents here:

Update: Update_from_HSE_for_ELC_and_SAC.pdf

FAQs: FAQs_for_changes_to_contact_tracing_for_children.pdf

HPSC Isolation Guide for Children, effective 27 September: Isolation quick guide under 13s.pdf (hpsc.ie)

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